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Brief Description:
This invention is an original and amusing way to contain, display and distribute
business cards. This invention allows business people to show models of their
favorite vehicle or dream car and adds a personal touch. By containing business
cards inside a miniature model car, this invention puts the fun back into functional.


Miniature Model Car with Built-In Business Card Dispenser

Purpose of the Invention:

Cars offer more than simple transportation. For many, the car one drives reflects
social status and professional success. Individuals enjoy talking about vehicles to
family, friends and acquaintances. In the business world, the business card has
become a necessary tool. By adding a unique, personal touch to an essential
business tool, professionals are able to ensure that they are easily remembered by
passing acquaintances and associates.

Problem[s] the Invention Solves:

The business world is full of people that wish to leave a lasting impression. While
most people carry business cards in briefcases, wallets and purses, very few
expect the recipient of the card to remember them. With the Business Card
Dispenser in a Miniature Model Car concept, the consumer is able to make an
instant and long-lasting impression while exchanging business cards. This
invention allows the consumer to store business cards in a miniature model car
that can represent the consumer's personal automobile, or even the consumer's
dream automobile.

Detailed Description of the Invention:

This invention offers a 1:18 scale model of various vehicles that house business
cards. When the business card function is not in use, the outside of the model car
appears completely authentic. The individual depresses the hood to activate the
unit. When the trunk opens, a stack of business cards move outward to be
dispensed. Depressing the unit a second time will retract the cards back into the
unit. When the consumer touches the engine hood, the front suspension of the
miniature car is compressed. As the suspension reaches the bottom, an electrical
switch on the bottom of the invention triggers a signal to move the card deck and
the trunk lid into either an exhibition or camouflage mode. A circuit and a set of
sensors keep the electrical motor moving and stops the motor when the card deck
has reached the desired position. This allows the consumer to simply press and
release the car hood once. Once the requested signal is received, a circuit
continues to drive the mechanism which sends the card deck in or out while
opening and closing the trunk lid. The electrical motor drives the single moving
slide to both move the card deck in or out, while pushing open or closing the trunk.
Once the circuit is triggered to the open mode, the slide pushes the trunk lid open
without touching the card deck container at first. After the lid is fully opened, the
slide continues to move, and catches the card deck container. This moves the
container towards the trunk opening. When the unit is triggered to close, the moving
slide retreats and pulls the business cards back into the unit. Once the business
cards are completely within the invention, the trunk lid falls back into the closed
position. A battery pack provides the invention with the power to drive the circuit and
motor. Two specially positioned sensors will sense when the mechanism has
reached the desired position. Once the desired position is reached, the circuit
shuts the motor down. This feature saves power until the next command arrives.
Cards in Car