World's Best!  Dashboard Mount Auto Sunshad(auto shade) e Super Easy to Use, Up/Down in 3sec.Blocks sunlight when park, Cools like a dashboard cover
when drive. XSHADE is a revolutionized automobile sunshade that fits on car windshield. It fits most autos, including car, SUV, minivan. It's super easy to
use. Up/down in 3 seconds . Two layers of  fabric with reflective coating blocks sunlight  much better than other auto shades..There is another feature that
other auto shade doesn't have is that its soft leather cover sit on top of dahboard when drive. It reflects heat like a dashbaord cover, cools interior of car
and that's a feature other auto sunshade doesn't have. Xshade is best auto sunshade. Compare to some other customer fit car shade or retractable car
shade, its price is much more reasonable. Don't buy a auto shade that's less worthy and more trouble to put on. You want the best auto shade on the market,
the next generation automobile sunshade  -- XSHADE
World's Best!  Dashboard Mount car Sunshad(car shade) e Super Easy to Use, Up/Down in 3sec.Blocks sunlight when park, Cools like a dashboard cover
when drive.
Xshade is a product of MakeWorldBetter, Inc. (Registered at Los Gatos, California) Our goal is to
make the world we live in better through introducing ingenious products one at a time. Maybe what we
can do as individuals is small, but together we can change the world to a better place.

Xshade is the first product MakeWorldBetter put into production. Its neat design and ease of use really
changed the way we use sunshades everyday. If you wonder where this ingenious idea came from,
you have to visit our company website at If you like xshade, maybe you will
like the other ideas also. There are more ideas waiting for us to make them become real. I believe a
good idea is a blessing from God.

I also think what a sunshade can do is more than the surface deed. If we can cool down more cars
during summer heat, I believe we will have less stressful drivers on our roads. Maybe we will have
fewer accidents this way. Our old sunshade failed to work because few of use used them. xshade will
definitely change that. is owned and operated by MakeWorldBetter, Inc. It's the only official website for xshade

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