XSHADE is a revolutionized automobile sunshade that fits on car windshield. It fits most autos, including car, SUV, minivan. It's super
easy to use. Up/down in 3 seconds . Two layers of  fabric with reflective coating blocks sunlight  much better than other auto
shades..There is another feature that other auto shade doesn't have is that its soft leather cover sit on top of dahboard when drive. It
reflects heat like a dashbaord cover, cools interior of car and that's a feature other auto sunshade doesn't have. Xshade is best auto
sunshade. Compare to some other customer fit car shade or retractable car shade, its price is much more reasonable. Don't buy a auto
shade that's less worthy and more trouble to put on. You want the best auto shade on the market, the next generation automobile
sunshade  -- XSHADE
XSHADE is a revolutionized automobile sunshade (patent pending). To pose it on or take off
takes less than 3 seconds, with just one hand.  To put it on just simply grip its handle, pull it
up and hook over at your rear view mirror, that's it. By doing so you already placed your
XSHADE at its best sunlight blocking position against sunlight through windshield, no
adjustment needed.  To take it off, you just simply unhook the handle from mirror and place it
back on its Velcro acceptance base above vehicle dashboard. It's so easy to use that it almost
encourages you to use it every time you park your vehicle.

When you don't use your X-Shade, just let it stay on the dashboard. No need to find a place to
store it; like other
automobile sunshades do. No leaning back to your seatback pocket. No taking away precious
seatback pocket space. It's specially designed to remain flat on the dashboard when not in use.  
Three Velcro mounting-strips from bottom edge of xshade and its Velcro handle acceptance base
will keep it stay where it is. Its dark color, sunlight absorbing soft leather cover prevents
reflective glare while driving. (Velcro tape used in this product is good for 300F; its adhesive
won't fade nor becomes gummy even after hottest day)

Built with two layers of fabric and reflective coating, xshade cools batter than other fabric auto
sunshade..It doesn't occupy a storage space to store it when you aren't using it. Just leave it on
your dashboiard top. It will reflects heat as you leave it there just like a dashboard cover. A
feature that no other auto sunshade can provide.

Xshade is by far the most advanced auto sunshade. Yet its price is just reasonable. Even below
many auto shades on the market. Don't wate your monkey on some sunshade that's not worthy
and more troublesome to use. Choice xshade, you next generation automobile sunshade.
Your Next Generation Automobile Windshield Sunshade
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What size to buy?   (we have selection guide base on vehicle model)

1) measure the width of top your windshield at near rearview mirror from inside, choose a product has close or less
width. For example, you measure your windshield 51" wide, you can choose 52" wide xshade. Since all xshade has 2"
soft edge on   each side, a little wider shouldn't be a problem. Yet, if your windshield is less then 50" wide, then you
should probably chose  48" xshade.

2) measure from supporting beam of your rear view mirror straight down to front of dashboard top near to windshield
where you plan to tape your xshade down, choose a product with
close to or greater height.

3) extension hanger may be used from rear view mirror if product isn't long enough to reach and hook at mirror.
7" of near flat space on
top of dashboard
No Vents or other device at
center of dashboard
Vehicle requirement to install X SHADE  (Not every vehicle can use X Shade)

1) Must have full windshield, otherwise strong head wind may flip xshade when driving.
2) For regular size or bigger xshade, 7.5" of near flat space on top of dashboard is required; 7" for small
3)When placeing XSHADE, do not cover vents, clock, or other device at center of dashboard top. *
4) A rear view mirror supporting beam located at center and near top of windshield for hanging xshade
open ; otherwise another hanging point may be needed.
5) XSHADE can be flipped open by airbag like an airbag pocket flip on dashbaord cover. (
Airbag page)
However, for safety concern, passenger side front air bag deploying seam (typically the edge close to
passenger or a dent line across the bag)  must  not be covered by xshade;  For question about xshade and
air bag, click to see more
Air bag deploying seam
not covered by xshade
* X Shade can work with speakers,
may be just muff the sound down a
little bit; very little effect on tweeters.
XShade will redirect and maybe block
airflow from a vent if it's covered.
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XSHADE height measurement:
measure from rearview mirror
supporting beam to front edge
of xshade placement area
Width        / High
29" High
25" High
21" High
LARGE  (52" wide)
52" x 29"
52" x 25"
52" x 21"
MID SIZE (48" wide)
48" x 29"
48" x 25"
48" x 21"
SMALL (44" wide)
44" x 25"
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Popular fit for differrent sizes, not limited to this list

52x29  Minivan  Kia Sedona;  Toyota Sienna 03-;  Honda Odyssey 04-

52x25 Large regular  Acura MDX; Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo; Chrysler Pacifica; Ford Montego, Windstar;
Honda Element, Pilot, Odyssey 05+; Kia Sorento;  Nissan Murano, Quest;  Pontica Aztek;  Toyota Camry,
Sienna 04+;  
VW Touareg

48X25 Midsize regular Chevrolet Equinox, Malibu;  Ford Escape; Dodge Caliber Jaguar X-type; Kia Amanti,
Lexus GS, LS, RX;  Nissan Altima, Maxim; Pontiac Terrent, Vibe, Grand Pix;   Subura Forest, Legacy,
Outback, Tribeca;  
Toyata Matrix, Highlander, RAV4; VW Jetta; Volvo XC90

44x25 Small  Nissan Sentra, Ford Foucs; Dodge Neon; Honda Fit;  Hyunda Accent, Elentra; Kia Rio;  Spectra;
Impreza; Toyota Corolla; VW Beetle

48x21 Midsize Upright  Chevrolet Cobalt, Colorrado; Nissan X-terra, Jaguar S-type, Volvo S40,  S60

52x21 Large Upright   Buick Rainer; Chevrolet TrailBlazer; Dodge Charger, Chrysler Magnum; GMC Envoy; Lincon
Town Car;
Honda Ridgeline; Infinti FX-35/45; Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo; Toyota Tundra
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