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                                       XSHADE FAQs

Q: How much cooler can xshade help me to cool down my car?
A: Xshade is made of two ply of light reflective fabric. It's not only blocking sunlight but also
reflect it out. As for how much cooler, the answer depends on many factors, but an average
40F should be reasonable. See
why cars get hot?

Q: When xshade sit on my dashboard, will it cause any glare reflection?
A: No. The top cover of xshade is made of light absorbing material and in darker color. If you
notice its shape reflected in your windshield, it probably because it absorb sunlight better than
dashboard top of your vehicle.

Q: My passenger side air bag is partially covered by xshade. Will that be a problem?
A: Xshade is made of light weight and soft fabric. There is no difference as if putting a
sweater up on there. It's recommended that you allow air bag deploying seam (a shallow dent
line across air bag) to be seen uncovered near you while xshade is at its rest position. That
way when air bag deploy, it will propelled  xshade toward windshield, not passenger. Just like
dashbaord cover allows airbag to deploy through a flip cover.   However, do not use xshade if
air bag deploy seam is covered.
See more detail information

Q: Will xshade pull my rear view mirror off?
A: No. Rear view mirror adhesive is designed to take several times of weight of a rear view
mirror since bumpy ride may give instantaneous high g-force to everything in your vehicle.
Xshade is made of light weight fabric, the whole thing is lighter than a conventional rear view
mirror, and it only hang on mirror when park. In case your rear view mirror fall off for some
other reason, for just few dollars you can get adhesive for rear view mirror at many places and
fix it better than ever.

Q: If I open my window on highway,Is it possible for xshade to flap around in the
A: We tested this concern by traveling at 90mph with all 4 windows fully rolled down. Believe
me, no one like to drive like that. Yet our test XSHADE just stay where it was.

Q: I have a vent/clock/speaker on top of my dashboard, can I use xshade?
A: It depends. If xshade blocks a vent, it definitely changes airflow direction. Airflow from that
vent will still come out and leak out from underneath xshade. Most of defroster vents are at
near bottom of windshield and we should avoid to cover them when install xshade. If xshade
covers a speaker, it probably will muff the sound a little bit. It has very little effect on tweeters If
xshade covers a device with display, you just simplify won't see the display.

Q: My dashboard top is not flat, how well (flush) does xshade fit on top of it?
A: Xshade is made of soft and flexible material; it can curve and lay flat on certain curly terrain. Yet it still
depends on the shape of specific vehicle dashboard top.

Q: Velcro tape tends to fade and become gummy in hot environment, do you ever consider that?
A: We know the fact during hot summer days, your dashboard can heat up to 185F. We know what we are
dealing with and we use automotive grade Velcro tapes for the job. They are good for 300F and won't fade
even after hottest days.

Q: My XSHADE can't open/close as smooth as your movie clip showed, did I do something wrong?
A: Check out bottom part of our installation page, where we have illustration to show youstep by step how to.

Q: Why XSHADE or dashboard cover cools? How can top cover of xshade(or dashboard cover)
reflect heat while not causing any gaze? How can these be possible when the cover is in same or darker color
than vehicle dashboard top?
Unlike a smooth surface of dashboard top, our fuzzy leather top reflects light and heat at all random directions. From
just one direction, like from driver’s eyes, there is not enough energy picked up to create an image surpass outside view.
That’s why the fuzzy top will always be several degrees lower than the hard dashboard top at summer.

Even say, both of them are being heat soaked to a higher temperature. The dashboard top can store a lot more heat
energy due to its bigger mass. X shade’s leather top weights only few oz yet it can protect all other layers below it and
dashboard top area covered by it from sunlight. It can be easily cooled down once you have ventilation goiong since it
won’t store much energy in its small mass.

Q: I have other accessories on my dashboard, is that going to be a problem?
A: There is no simple answer. It really depends on the size of your dashboard and what kind of accessory and
how it's mounted. In many cases, you can install both xshade and your accessories on dashboard. See