Hot weather Auto care tips

Prepare for hot weather

Choose light color vehicle: That still helps
Choose vehicle with smaller window or windows have more verticle angle. I hope I am not going too far.
Tint windows: watch local law, some area you may not do that on all windows.
Maintain AC.

Keep enough fluids:

Wash water
Engine coolant
Brake fluid
Engine oil: It's good idea to change oil more often if weather is really hot. Check oil quality by its color.


Park under shade, use covered parking if possible. Park under tree is a good idea but you may need
to wash your car more often since trees and small animal leave harmful chamical to car's skin
Vent cabin: Its a good idea to vent when weather is hot
Use dashboard cover: believe it or, dashbaord cover really cools.
Use sunshade: Like I can't state that enough.
use our xshade and
cool better.

Check tire pressure: do that when there is an weather change. Like from cold to hot, hot to cold. Always
maintain proper pressure
Check brake pad: Brake tends to fade more quickly when it's hot.

Drive less: reduce exhaust gas and help prventing global warmming. We are using too much gas/oil