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Check before Install XSHADE
* Make sure you have a full windshield
* A near flat space on top of your dashboard for placing xshade, roughly 6-7" wide, across.
* Make sure xshade is clear of vents, clocks, and navigation screens... It's ok to cover
speakers however,     sound quality may be affected.
* Ensure you have enough space between the top of the instrument cluster and the
windshield glass; 4-5"     will suffice.
* Make sure airbag deployment seam will not be covered by xshade.  
Assemble your XSHADE
Xshade requires very little assembly; just follow the steps below:
1> Connect the supporting-beam segments together with joints.
2> Insert assembled supporting-beam into the top fold of xshade through insertion hole on
the side. While inserting it in  halfway, place handle pickup at xshade's center opening and
run the supporting-beam through the pickup hole.
3> Continue inserting the supporting beam and flip the hole cover over to conceal the hole.
Connect all supporting beam
segments via provided joints.
Just push joint rod into bore.
Insert assembled beam from
side hole into xshade top fold
Make sure there is enough space for xshade to fold
back between instrument cluster and windshield
Airbag deploying seam must not be covered
Supporting beam goes through
handle pickup hole
Place handle pickup at xshade's center
opening, have supporting beam go through
its hole
Install xshade on the top of vehicle dashboard

1> Do a dry run first, without peeling off the Velcro strips' back cover.
2> Place xshade on top of the vehicle's dashboard, as close to the
windshield as possible without covering defroster vents.
3> Pull xshade open and have its handle hook hang over the rear-view mirror.
Judge the distance and snap the hook together with the handle base at the
proper location (one out of 3 possible locations). Also, assess where to
place the center Velcro tape on dashboard top. Press your finger and hold it
down to make sure that position won't move.
4> Take the hook off the rear-view mirror and fold xshade back onto the
dashboard top. Fe-arrange it so it is balanced on the left and right. Then,
clean the areas that the Velcro will be applied to. Flip the Velcro up, peel off
the Velcro tape covers and press them down onto the dashboard to get a
firm grip.

5> Peel off the Velcro sticker under the handle's base and stick the handle on
top of the dashboard when xshade is folded. Clean the area before applying
the Velcro tape, especial if you had applied wax on your dashboard. Clean
the area with alcohol wipe if needed and wait till dry. Press the tapes down
onto the dashboard to get a firm adhesive grip. Adshesive reaches
maximum strength after 24 hours.
6> If there are wires attach to mirror, use tape to wrap them tight with
supporting beam.
7> You are done! Enjoy your xshade.
Fig 1. Align hook with handle base.                                      Fig 2. Force hook joint together with handle.
Final XSHADE placement
Fig 3. When needed, retrieve hook.                                      Fig 4. Scotch tape may be used to held beams
Use pliers to release locking.                                                together; but not necessory.
When using your XSHADE

It takes a little bit of practice to master the skill to access your XSHADE. Don't worry, it's evry easy to use,
Just follow our steps and you will be fine.  (see our
demo video clip)
Shields up

Step1: Hold and pull xshade handle towards you.

Step2: Flip your wrist so that xshade handle is parallel
to winshield
Mirror base access

Step3: Push xshade toward windshield.

Step4: Lean your xshade handle 20 degree to the right
so you can hook over at the supporting beam of your
rearview mirror.
Take XSHDE down

Step1: Reverse the steps in mirror access to unhook

Step2: Fold the cover of your xshade with both of your
Place XSHADE back

Step3: Continue place XSHADE back into a deck,
adjust handle position so it catchs its Velcro base.

You XSHADE is down and ready for next use.
It's Easy to install and to use.
Your XSHADE is up now.   Simple steps to fold it back
At center of xshade top fold, there is a
opening for handle connecting rod to
hookup with supporting beam. Place
handle rod through the opening and have
supporting beam go through the its hole.
Continue insert supporting beam through
entire length of xshade; Use your key do
not press hook on to handle yet.