Tim Chen, Los Gatos California, 2003 Honda Pilot (inventor)

I can honestly tell you that I can’t live without xshade. I hate coming back to a car that is sun baked
like oven hot. Even with window rolled down, AC turned to maximum, heat seams just keep coming out
from dashboard and from seats. I knew a good sunshade would stop all these. Yet the trouble of
putting one up often stopped me from doing so.
Before xshade, I had a thin fabric spring loop shade in my Pilot. It’s relatively easy to use yet is less
effective to block sunlight. It doesn’t even seem to worth the efforts.
Now with xshade, it’s easy to use and it blocks sunlight effectively. I use it everyday since I got my
prototype, as long it is warm and there is sunlight out there. I often find myself came back to a much
cooler than expected cabin at hot shinny days. I also find myself leave AC at off position more than
usual. Do I want to go back to the days without xshade? Definitely not.
Rector Fong, Miami Florida, 2004 Toyota Camry

Your sunshade makes my car cool. Not only it’s easy to use when I park, and it also keeps me cool
when I drive. You should really mention this on your website. I noticed my car being a lot cooler when I
came back to my parked car the same way as my old sliver foam sunshade product did. Then I
noticed, my car is cooler when I drive as well. Some time in the morning I can even keep AC off. This
is not my typical experience at Florida.
At first, I couldn’t figure out why, then one day after drove my car for over 20 minutes, I touched my
dashboard, it was very hot. Yet your sunshade, now cover half of my dashboard, was just a little
warm. Thank you XSHADE for the cool ride. I want to tell all my friends about your product.
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Dena Rodriguez, Orlando Florida, 2000 Toyota Corolla

I like your sunshade a lot. It keeps my car cool when parked. It’s also very cool when I showed it to my friends. They all
asked me where I got it. I like my car a lot and this is the best car care product I ever buy.
Dennis Hall, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2004 Toyota Highlander

My name is Dennis Hall, Insurance agent. When I saw your website, I told myself “This is precisely what I need”. Being at
Arizona, the hottest area around this nation, we have a long long and intolerable hot summer. With my job, usually I
have to make 5 even 10 stops a day. That's why I promptly placed my order for your product.
It took me some minutes to put together the shade, yet once it's assembled it's ready for use right away. It's not so easy
to fold it down when I first use the shade, then I learned how to do it from your step by step guide on your website. Now I
use it every time I park as long as there is sun out there. I couldn't be happier about the result, my Highlander is much
cooler place to be now. I also show my co-worker about your shade, I believe you probably already received their order
by now.
This is a high quality sunshade. I believe you will do better if you improve your website, like hire some professional write
to rewrite some pieces. Well, I will still recommend your site to my friends since you guys offer very good service and
high quality sunshade.
Thank you and hope the best for your business.
Richard Goldman, Houston Texas, 2003 Ford Focus

I received my shipment in just 3 days after I purchased on line. Once I opened box I understand why you charge this
price vs some other cheap sunshades. It has leather top cover like a dashboard cover. Assemble was easy and using it
is a fun. That’s how I keep using it every time I park.
This is a great product, great fit on my Focus. It’s the only auto shade I have no problem of using.
Kelly Harris, Dallas Texas, 2005 Toyota RAV4

Your sunshade works terrifically on my Rav4. It sits perfectly on my dashboard like a factory made equipment and
covers my windshield perfectly when using. It blocks sunlight a lot better than my old twin loops shades which I bought
last year. I am glade I made the decision to buy another sunshade when I have one already. The moment I pull your
sunshade up, I feel the coolness already, unlike the one in my donation box. And it’s really easy to use, too. I will tell all
my friends about your great product.

James Nakagawa, St. Petersburg Florida, 2001 Honda Odyssey

I have a factory job and every two out of three weeks I step out of factory door at exactly 3:05 PM. Here at Florida, I
believe sunshade is a must have item for almost 9 month a year. However, I have to admit that I usually didn't put my
sunshade on, especially when I am at work 7 in the morning.
Thanks to XSHADE, I post it out every morning this week. It's so easy to use and I feel encouraged to do the steps. And I
told everyone at work about it since I am really proud of my smart choice.
Christine Chen, San Jose California, 2003 Honda Pilot

My dear hubby bought me this present and says this is for me and kids. After he put it on for me he teached me how to
use it. It isn't hard to use it at all. It sits on dashboard quite flat yet there is some part not so even but that's ok. Now I
use it everytime when I pick up our kids or do shopping. Unlike him, I go out mostly during the day so he said let me use
this one first. If we get a free one then he can put it on his Camry, too. I certainly hope he can enjoy the same cool
driving experience I have now.
James Lee, Sacramento California, 2005 Kia Sorento

I use it everyday. I have this sunshade in my Sorento. I love it!!! I bought it since the heat wave started this year yet I
received it right after the heat wave passed. The handle is right at my reach as I sit in my minivan, I still have to sit up a
little to put this sunshade down and it can be collapsed and lay nicely on dashboard top in less than 3 seconds. This is
much better than my old sunshade and I am using it everyday since I put it in my Sorento. I was told that Kia models
needs a modified hook. My hook has a cut, but that's all right. My wife would like to have another one for her Corolla.
And her brother wants one too, after he saw mine.
Sandy Breeden, Austin, Texas, 2005 Pontiac Torrent

We got this sunshade to go with our Torrent. It's on the expensive side for a sunshade but once put it in use it works like
a dream. If you have a car park uncovered, be sure to see if xshade fits in your car or not. It will worth every penny. My
husband loves the design but your don’t have the size to fit his RAM . My one complaint is that I can see the sliver edge
reflects its image in my windshield, just a little bit though. It would be better if you made the edge black. The edge is on
my side and should be covered by the top cover.
Bill Egan, Pasadena Texas, 2002 Town and Country

We bought this sunshade knowing it will cover our windshield vent. And we know that xshade can be detached during
winter. Since we rarely use windshield vent at summer, we decided we can live with that.

* It fits quite nicely on our Town and Country minivan, cover most of our windshield when extended.
* Blocks sunlight quite well, much better than our old one.
* Really easy to use, up or down in less than 3 seconds.
* Fast shipping

* The plastic bag inside box was tore.
* Assemble instruction came with product wasn’t clear, instruction on website is better, not good enough still.
* Handle looks cheap.
* Black top cover should be bigger to cover all edges.

In all we like this sunshade a lot and love that we wont have to ride in a hot cabin for awhile. In fact, we can sometime
leave the AC off. I means a lot to us since gas price is so high.
Don Anderson, Ford San Luis Mission, 2004 Toyota Matrix

Wish I had bought this sooner!, April 11, 2006
I recently returned the sunshade I bought at Tar--- as I was not very happy with it. Before taking it back to the store I
searched the net and found this totally new sunshade so I decided to give it a try. Unsure that it will work I kept the
receipt in case I would want to return it.
I received my shipment 3 days after I purchased on line. Overall look shows the sunshade has good quality. I brought it
to my garage and put it together. Putting it together was easy for the most part but the instructions printed on your card
were hard to follow as they are in very small prints. Your internet pages are better.
The sunshade provides very good sunlight protection and is really easy to use. My wife LOVES this sunshade. She
actually made me to write this review so she can get another one for herself.


Frank Fu, San Jose California, 1995 Ford Escort

My Escort has a very uneven dashboard, yet xshade fits surprisingly well on its dashboard. I attached two pictures here.
Your sunshade is very import to me since my Escort has a weak AC, and this sunshade is much better than my old light
fabric shades.  And yes, your sunshade is the easiest to use.