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Your Next Generation Automobile Windshield
We just received our shippment for the entire summer (7/31/06)

To help more people experience this wonderful sunshade, we offer free shipping (USPS parcel post) for all available x-
shade ship domestic. This offer will last while we have sufficient inventory. Once our inventory runs low, free shipping
may be cancelled without warning. Sorry, we don't give rain check. You must act now. Other shipping methods will
receive same amount of discount. Return merchandise can’t benefit from this free shipping.

Before summer sale ended.  Buy one get one free must submit before 6/20  (6/15/06)

We have new summer saling price, few sizes are below $20 right now. Now it's time to get yours.

Feedback still needed, continue submit to us  (5/26/2006)

This is a buy one get another one free deal now. Since so many people asked if our free XSHADE run out or not, we
decided to give away unlimited number of XSHADE. You will get another XSHADE for free  as long as we receieve your
submitted review, weather we use it or not, by 6/20/2006. So hurry and order your.It may take 3-5 days to ship to your

We need your feedbacks.  XSHADE give away! (5/17/2006)

Please tell us how do you feel about and how do you feel about our product.

Send us your name, vehicle model, location(city, state), order number and your opinion about our product. And we'll give  
XSHADE(any size/color) to participants for free  regardless the contain of opinion. Each applicant is entitle to one xshade,
first come first serve, so act quickly before they run out. Photos related to our product is also welcomed, we might post
them at our testimony section. Email your feedback to with subject “feedback” and we will verify it
with your order number and let your know your enter number within one business day.
Program ends at 6/15/2006 and we will list all participants on our web site. (Participant must agree that we have the right
to use your feedback in our testimony section.)
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