World's Best!  Dashboard Mount Auto Sunshade(auto shade) Super Easy to Use, Up/Down in 3sec.Blocks sunlight when park, Cools like a dashboard cover
when drive. X SHADE is a revolutionized automobile sunshade that fits on car windshield. It fits most autos, including car, SUV, minivan. It's super easy to
use. Up/down in 3 seconds . Two layers of  fabric with reflective coating blocks sunlight  much better than other auto shades..There is another feature that
other auto shade doesn't have is that its soft leather cover sit on top of dahboard when drive. It reflects heat like a dashbaord cover, cools interior of car
and that's a feature other auto sunshade doesn't have. X shade is best auto sunshade. Compare to some other customer fit car shade or retractable car
shade, its price is much more reasonable. Don't buy a auto shade that's less worthy and more trouble to put on. You want the best auto shade on the market,
the next generation automobile sunshade  -- X SHADE
World's Best!  Dashboard Mount car Sunshad(car shade) e Super Easy to Use, Up/Down in 3sec.Blocks sunlight when park, Cools like a dashboard cover
when drive.
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The problem isn't that we don't have sunshades; we just don't use them!

The picture below was taken around 11:30AM in early August on one of California’s high ninety-degree days. Less than
20 cars have their sunshades on. That's less than 15% of the total cars.

Here is a Quote from

A less-expensive option for reducing heat and sunlight getting inside vehicles is manual sunshades.

"Use of a vehicle sunshade can prevent heat buildup in a parked car by more than 48 degrees Fahrenheit," said Deirdre
Watt, senior vice president of Axius, which sells both window tinting and sunshades. "There's a noticeable difference in
terms of comfort, which makes the 30-second effort it takes to put up a sunshade worthwhile."

Yet, an Axius phone survey of more than 800 vehicle owners in April 2000 showed that while 71 percent knew about auto
sunshades, just 22 percent used them regularly. Seventy-seven percent of sunshade users said they only install a
sunshade if they plan to be away from their vehicles for more than 30 minutes.
A story relevant to everyone:

Dolly drove to pick her son, Eric, up from school at 3PM one
summer afternoon. At school parking lot, she neglected to
use sunshade. "This is too much trouble, I will be in and out
in  just a few minutes", she thought. Near Eric's classroom,
she ran into Cindy who was there to pick up her daughter,
Christine, from the class next door.  Both of their husbands
work for the same company and they met at company's
picnic about two months ago. They often chat and exchange
information "What do you know? We even have the same
minivan, not only the same model but also in the same color",
Dolly said. Time flew by. Before they noticed it, 20 minutes
went by. If Eric had not complained about the day being too
hot, they could have carried on much longer.

Time to go home. When Dolly pulled her minivan door open, an unbearable heat wave, a hot oven, at
140F, was waiting for her and little Eric. It was too hot so Dolly decided to open more doors and wait
for some of the hot air to leave the van. Good call! In the meantime, Dolly spotted Cindy's minivan
driving off from school's parking lot. "How can she do that?" Dolly wondered. Even after they drove
out of the parking lot, the cabin was still unbearably hot; heat, seemed to have soaked into the seats.
Even though they had AC set to maximum, it was hot a ride all the way to home despite the effort of

Does that sound familiar? What happened to Dolly can happen to anyone. At school, the drugstore, a
restaurant, a bank or  a parking lot anywhere when one minute turn into a long wait. There was no
difference between the AC systems in Cindy's and Dolly's minivan here. Cindy's secret weapon was
just merely a sunshade that Dolly also had in her minivan. In fact, she had two – one in her minivan,
and another on a  garage shelf. The difference was that Cindy used her sunshade when she parked.
Science facts: why do vehicle cabins get so hot during sunny day!  Click Here

Is it really that much trouble to use a sunshade? Well, it may take 20 seconds to put on or take off a conventional style
automobile sunshade. You first have to reach back to where it is, typically in a seat back picket, to bring it up to the driver’
s seat. Then, you have to open it with both hands and slide it over the dashboard to underneath the windshield. (Spring
loop sunshades are a little bit easier to open, but you have to try not to open it with a passenger sitting next to you.) You
always have to move your shade around by gripping just one end of the shade to get the best fit and play with the visors
to secure the sunshade's position. Even after you do all that, the sunshade may still fall off the second you close your
door. Imagine that!      Buy your xshade now!  
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XSHADE only needs one hand and just 3 seconds

X-Shade revolutionized the automobile sunshade (US patent 7114759). It sits on your dashboard when you are not using
it. So, there is no need to find a storage place for it. Putting it on or taking it off takes less than 3 seconds and only
requires one hand! Just grip the handle and hook it over your rear-view mirror to protect your vehicle from sunlight
through the windshield. When you hook your xshade handle to a rear-view mirror, you have already placed it in the best
working position. So, no adjustment is needed. It's so easy to use; it almost encourages you to use it. I know so since I
use mine even during October days when it's just at comfortable 70F outside. Without sunshade, the cabin still gets too
warm to wear a jacket in.
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How many cars have
their sunshade on?

That picture was taken
at a high 90 day.
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xshade is a revolutionized automobile windshield sunshade (patent pending). It sits on your dashboard
when you are not using it, no need to find a storage places for it. To put it on or take it off takes less then 3
seconds, with just one hand.  Just grip the handle and hook it over to your rear view mirror to protect your
vehicle from sunlight through windshield. When you hook your xshade handle at rear view mirror, you already
placed it at best working position against sunlight through windshield, no adjustment needed. It's so easy to
use, It is almost  like it encourages you to use it. I know so since I was using mine even at October day when
if it's just at comfortable 70F outside, yet with sunlight shines on my dashboard. Without sunshade, cabin
can still get too warm to wear jacket in.
When you don't use your X-Shade, just let it stay on your dashboard. No need to find a place to store it; like
other shades do. No leaning back to your seatback pocket. No take away precious seatback pocket space.
Three Velcro mounting strips from bottom of xshade and the Velcro handle acceptance base will keep it flat
on top of dashboard. It also has a dark color, light absorbing top cover so it won't cause glare reflection when
(Velcro tape used in this product is good for 300F, Its adhesive won't fade or become gummy even after
hottest day)
Xshade is made of two ply of light reflective fabric. With dark sunlight absorbing cover to avoid glare reflection.
Easy handle to hang at rear view mirror, put it on or take it off in less than 3 seconds. Really easy to use it, I
use it all summer long every time I park under sun. No need to find a storage space, Won't occupy precious
seat pocket space nor rear seat leg room.
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